Phase 2: AI-Enhanced Rewards Program and Personalized Incentives

To leverage artificial intelligence (AI) in personalizing and optimizing the rewards program, encouraging users to invite new members through targeted incentives.

  • AI-Powered Rewards Personalization

    • Use AI algorithms to analyze user behavior and preferences, tailoring the rewards program to individual users for maximum appeal.

  • Dynamic Reward Allocation Using AI

    • Implement an AI system that dynamically adjusts reward offerings based on market trends, user activity, and platform growth goals.

  • Blockchain Rewards Tracking

    • Record all rewards transactions on the blockchain to ensure transparency and immutability, enhancing user confidence in the rewards program's fairness.

  • App Design:

    • Design intuitive UI/UX with token integration points.

    • Create wireframes and mockups for key app screens.

  • Smart Contract Development:

    • Write smart contracts for token transactions within the app.

    • Prototype loyalty programs or incentives using the token.

  • AI Algorithm Prototyping:

    • Develop algorithms for customer and driver matching, pricing, and route optimization.

    • Simulate AI decision-making processes using data models.

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