How CRUIZ decentralized rideshare works

To join the CRUIZ platform, users create a digital profile where they enter their name, contact details, and payment preferences. This streamlined process ensures a secure entry into the decentralized ridesharing experience.

For ride requests, passengers input their desired pickup and drop-off points, select a vehicle type, and propose a fare, which is then securely logged on the CRUIZ system. Utilizing advanced AI, the platform intelligently pairs the rider with a driver, giving preference to drivers they've positively rated in past interactions. Drivers receive these requests and can choose to accept or decline based on their availability and preferences.

Once a ride is agreed upon, the AI system initiates the process by notifying the rider of the estimated arrival time of the driver. At the journey’s end, the AI calculates the fare based on the travel distance and duration. Riders have the flexibility to settle the fare using USDT or conventional payment methods, catering to a wide range of user preferences.

The platform fosters a community of trust through a mutual rating system. After each ride, riders and drivers assess each other, contributing to their respective reputations on the platform. This transparency ensures a high standard of service and accountability.

In the event of any disputes, CRUIZ offers a fair mediation service, ensuring issues between riders and drivers are resolved amicably. Should a resolution favor the rider, a refund may be issued as a gesture of goodwill and commitment to customer satisfaction.

Drivers benefit from a flexible withdrawal system, enabling them to transfer earnings directly from their digital wallets to their bank accounts. Alternatively, they have the option to utilize traditional payment methods, such as credit cards, for added convenience.

This comprehensive approach redefines the ridesharing experience, integrating cutting-edge AI and blockchain technology to provide a secure, efficient, and user-friendly service for all CRUIZ participants.

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