CRUIZ Explorer

Viewing Signups with the CRUIZ Explorer

The CRUIZ Explorer is a tool for monitoring signups on the CRUIZ protocol. Here's how you can use it:

  • Anonymized Locations: Each dot on the map represents an anonymized signup location.

  • Signups Definition: A signup is defined as someone who has registered on the CRUIZ registration page and accepted an invite.

  • Growth Rate Calculation: The weekly growth rate of signups can be calculated using the formula provided.

GrowthRate=Weekly SignupsTotal Signups\text{GrowthRate} = \frac{\text{Weekly Signups}}{\text{Total Signups}}

Green Regions in the CRUIZ Explorer

Green regions on the map indicate areas with an approved operator:

  • Approved Operator: These regions have an operator ready to facilitate trips.

  • Network Eligibility: Cities within these green regions can be added to the CRUIZ network.

  • Updates: Regular updates will show more regions turning green.

Finding Your City with the CRUIZ Explorer

Utilize the 3D mapping capabilities to locate your city:

  • 3D Mapping Software: The map is displayed using advanced 3D mapping technology.

  • Navigation: Scroll horizontally and vertically, and zoom in or out.

  • Local Activity: Zooming in allows you to view local network activity.

What's Next for the CRUIZ Explorer

Future enhancements are planned for the CRUIZ Explorer:

  • Feature Additions: New features will be integrated over time.

  • Community Input: Join the CRUIZ Community to discuss suggestions for improvements.

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