The CRUIZ token serves as the lifeblood of the CRUIZ Rideshare DePIN ecosystem, incentivizing participation and facilitating transactions within the protocol.

The tokenomics of CRUIZ is crafted to balance immediate utility with long-term value creation. Through careful allocation, taxation, and branding strategies, we aim to build a robust economy that supports the growth and sustainability of the protocol while generating tangible benefits for all participants.

CRUIZ Token Overview

  • Token Name: Cruiz

  • Ticker: CRUIZ

  • Total Supply: 100,000,000 CRUIZ (100 Million)

  • Taxation: A 5% tax fee on buys and sells, allocated to the marketing team to promote the protocol.

  • Ecosystem Development: Funds set aside for partnerships, grants, and other initiatives to grow the CRUIZ Rideshare DePIN ecosystem.

Token Distribution

  • Public Sale: 100% of tokens will be allocated for public sale to ensure wide distribution and burn 100% LP tokens.

  • Team and Advisors: Funds are reserved for the team and advisors, vested over time to align interests with the long-term success of the project.

  • Reserve: A reserve fund for unforeseen circumstances and future opportunities.

Tax Structure

A transaction tax of 5% is applied to both buy and sell operations involving CRUIZ tokens. This fee serves multiple purposes:

  1. Marketing Fund: A portion of the tax is directed to the marketing team to fund advertising campaigns, promotional events, and strategic partnerships that increase the visibility and adoption.

  2. Sustainable Development: The tax ensures that there is a continuous flow of resources for ongoing development, community management, and support of the protocol's infrastructure.

Market Capitalization Goals

CRUIZ ecosystem has set ambitious targets for its market capitalization post-launch:

  • Initial Target: An expected market capitalization of $8 million within the first two days after launch.

  • One Week Target: A goal of reaching a market capitalization of $15 million within one week of trading.

These targets reflect the confidence in the protocol's value proposition and the anticipated demand for the CRUIZ token.

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