Understanding CRUIZ's Disruption

The Basics of CRUIZ vs. Uber

At first glance, CRUIZ operates similarly to Uber:

  • Open app

  • Enter destination

  • Get in a car

  • Arrive at your location

The key difference lies in the economics:

  • With Uber, riders pay more, and drivers earn less.

  • With CRUIZ, riders pay less, and drivers earn more.


  • Uber takes a 44% cut from fares.

  • CRUIZ only takes a 15% cut.

The Economics Behind the Savings

Traditional Rideshare Companies

  • Spend heavily on rider and driver recruitment.

  • These costs increase ride prices and decrease driver earnings.

CRUIZ's Approach

  • Minimal spending on recruitment.

  • Extra costs are cut significantly.

  • Uses onchain rewards for user-driven growth and operations.

The Result

  • Significant savings are shared between riders and drivers:

    • Riders enjoy lower fares.

    • Drivers take home more income.

Where Does Your Fare Go?

Imagine a $50 ride to the airport:

Uber's Expenses

  • About 24% goes to "Incentives & Advertising."

  • This is mainly to attract new drivers due to high turnover.

CRUIZ's Model

  • Zero percent of your fare goes to "Incentives & Advertising."

  • CRUIZ uses onchain rewards instead, which are nearly costless to issue.

The Impact

  • Drivers retain a larger portion of the fare.

  • Driver satisfaction increases, reducing turnover.

Uber's Fixed Costs

  • Roughly 10% of your fare covers fixed costs like real estate and employee salaries.

How CRUIZ Avoids These Costs

  • As an open protocol, many fixed costs are eliminated.

  • Businesses built on CRUIZ invest in the protocol, reducing overhead.

CRUIZ's Business Ecosystem

  • Clients: Develop software for riders and drivers.

  • Operators: Match drivers with riders and ensure compliance with local laws.

Both Clients and Operators can set their own rates and receive CRUIZ Rewards.

Fare Breakdown with CRUIZ

From a $50 fare:

  • ~10% to the Operator.

  • <1% to the Client.

  • 5% to sustain the CRUIZ protocol.

  • 85% directly to the driver.

The Future with CRUIZ

  • The goal is for drivers to have an average take rate of 85% at scale.

  • This vision requires community support and advocacy.


Join the movement towards a fairer rideshare economy where you pay less, and drivers earn what they deserve. Spread the word about CRUIZ and be part of transforming the rideshare market.

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